Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things are good

  • Casey & Marie are awesome!
  • I love their apartment....and their shower has a curtain!!!!
  • I now have Skype set up, so I called my mom and grandmother last night to chat. It was nice. =)
  • I spent a long time talking with Roselle (my professor) last night at a cafe & then a bar where we went to watch Casey perform.
  • He sounds great in person too, Mel. And I asked him about getting cd(s) and he said he'll burn some for me before I leave!! YAY!
  • I've figured out how to use the bus nearby to get places ON MY OWN!!!! Sorta kind ish.
  • Casey took Roselle and me to Christiania. Go look it up, I'm too lazy to do so right now. But it was really neat and I heard some good music performed there too. And have a ton of cool pictures of different murals/graffiti from there to post at some point.
  • Missing the family, but I'm hopefully going to catch up with them tomorrow with Roselle after school. Mostly to introduce Roselle to them and return the house keys that I still have........and also cuz I miss them already! =) Victor asked Bettina if Amalie could move out and I could stay there instead of moving to the apartment, way cute.

That's all for now because I've gotta be up way early in the morning to figure out how to get to school via bus and train! But I have a bunch of new pictures on Flickr from the field trip on Friday, leaving from Bettina & Jan's and adventures from today. Go look and comment!

Goodnight, ya'll.


Helene said...

You have no idea how great it was to hear your voice!!!! I am getting really excited about my trip! So much to do in so little time! Your pics are great! Need to get a copy of the sundog to send to Jack Borden.
Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

YAY for music!!
I've been listening to the girl we found a lot - but now I'm back into my jazz (I love music).

Looking forward to seeing you again and discovering more music =)

Glad things are working out in the new apt. and that you won't have any more shower issues ;)

Speaking of shower - have yet to hear from Shari about 'the news' so we'll see what happens

miss you!!!