Thursday, November 1, 2007


I'm here!!!

After some confusion at the Copenhagen Airport, I finally found Bettina and I'm now at her house (on her computer). She's making me microwave pizza right now for lunch... even though my body still thinks it's 7:30am! She seems really nice and told me all about the kids and stuff, so that's fun. I get to meet Malthe (7 y/o) at 3pm when we walk to pick him up. Apparently he's really nervous and couldn't sleep last night because he doesn't know what to say to me because he doesn't speak any English. YAY immersion!

I'll meet the other 2 kids when they get home later; they're all at different schools.

Okay, pizza time! I'll try and get my computer up and running soon so I can do a full update on things & get on AIM.

Love from dk,


Sue said...

ABBY IS IN DENMARK!!! YAAAY!!! :-D Congrats!! It's FINALLY happening, SO happy for you!

Anonymous said...

ahh pizza, the universal language.

have fun!


Mom said...

Hi again,
Sure sounds like you are in the right place! How did the little boy react?
I set up the teams tonight. BOY! What a job! Still have to do some tweaking, but my mind is too tired. I'll do it in the morning.
When do you go to the school? Tomorrow? How did jet lag hit you?

Gail Will called to make sure everything went ok. I told her it seemed so. Am I right?
Gotta hit the sack.
Love to you.