Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beautiful! (3:30 pm)

It is absolutely beautiful outside today!!! It's about 48*F with a bright blue sky and lots of sunshine. I love it!

Today (so far):
I got up a little late this morning (about 9:30am) and went over to a big flea market with Bettina and Jan before they had to get the kids. I finally got to pay for something!! It was just the entrance fees (about $6 each), but it's a start. =)

They walked around for a little while with me, but I finally convinced them that they could go on ahead since I was going so slowly. I had to look at everything and calculate prices and admire!

Bettina had to leave to get the kids at about 11am, but Jan stayed there for another 40 min. or so. He translated a few things for me and helped me find out if a necklace had nickel in it or not (I'm allergic and break out if I wear anything with it). It didn't and so I bought it for about $10! It's really pretty... silver-ish metal with some green stones and a small dragonfly charm attached to the bigger metal design. I'll get a picture up ASAP to show because it's hard to describe.

I didn't have too hard of a time buying things on my own too though. I asked a few questions in English and people were kind enough to overlook that I'm a dumb American and can't speak Danish. =) I still felt really awkward though. It's definitely uncomfortable going to another country and asking people to concede to using my language instead. BLAH.

Anyways, I also bought a pair of really comfortable lambwool slippers too!! The lady asked me my size and I said I didn't know because I'm from America [and we have to go and be special instead of using European sizes]. I looked inside my shoe though and found that I'm wearing a size 41.5, so suggested trying a 42. She said that it couldn't be that big, but then agreed once she held my shoe. She had me try a 41 and then found out that I was right with a 42. hehehe. She tried to make me feel better by saying the slippers ran small, but I told her I already know I have big feet and it's okay. Those cost about $30 and I don't think I'm ever going to take them off again!! Who needs to see the city when I can stay home and wear these warm slippers?!! =)

But then came the highlight of the day.... I bought a true Danish pastry. I think it had chocolate and bananas on top and it was absolutely delicious!!! The poor teenage guy selling them was trying to ask me things in Danish and I just completely froze up and stared at him blankly. He then spoke to me in English, very slowly saying "Sev-en-teen." I smiled my gratitude and handed him a 20dkk coin; he laughed and gave me my change. That was probably the hardest part of my day too though. I hate admitting that I can't speak Danish, so I basically tried very hard not to talk to anybody instead of asking in English. I then had to go back and buy a drink afterwards though, so I just asked for a chocolate milk (15dkk) in English that time.

Of course, I get thrown off by the fact that everything less than 100dkk bill (about $20) is represented in coins. So it wasn't until after I ate everything and was walking back home that I calculated that the drink cost me $3 and the pastry was about $4.50!! Oops, I need to remember that coins are worth a lot too!

Then, I wandered back to the house and loaded the pics onto my computer. =) Poor Malthe came home from Anna's and wasn't feeling well, so he crashed on the couch for a few hours. He felt a lot better when he woke up and got dressed to go to his halloween party with the rest of the family. They're supposed to be back around 5ish and Amalie is coming back from her friend's around 4ish, I think. So I'm home alone with Mocca right now. I might take her for a walk in a little bit to take more pictures and time how long it'll take me to walk to school tomorrow morning. WHEEEE!!

Pictures (edited):
I'm too lazy to figure out how to put the pics individually in here, so I'll just send you to my flickr site to look at them! I'll try to keep that updated too with labels of what I'm doing and such.


Abby's Mom said...

Hi Abby, Thanks so much for your good wishes. Thankfully one more nite till Abby day (I hope) I loved your comment today :)

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

haha, I got so confused for a second because my mom logs in with just "mom" and yours says "abby's mom." =)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and I hate being 6 hours ahead because it feels like even longer that I have to keep checking to see if you've heard anything!