Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A year later and last details....

It's officially been a year since I went to Denmark and I find myself missing it like crazy!!! I still smile when I think about things there and have been working to get in touch with my family and Carolyn again. I miss them a lot.

Anyways, the update about my flight home that I never talked about....

Thank God for Casey for calling me a cab because there was NO way that I was going to get to the airport with all my bags and stuff. Got to the CPH airport wicked early but it was also really really crowded, so it was really good. (And I got yummy desert at a cafe while I waited to drop off my bags, since the airline's desks weren't even open yet.) As I went to go through security after dropping off my bags, there was a guy there having what I think was a diabetic reaction and had a bunch of security guys around him giving him juice and stuff.

Flight left way late to London and I ended up landing without a whole lot of time before my next was supposed to take off. (Had started coughing a lot at this point.) They made me go through security again this time and they were being super stringent because my plane landed at the same time as a huuuuge group of people of Middle Eastern descent, who didn't speak English at all. (They also had about a million young kids they were carrying, so the security things went off constantly.) Also, about halfway through the line some guy had a heart attack or something so everybody was running all around and blocking off big spaces in the security checkpoints. :-P

I FINALLY got through security with like 30-45 min. to spare and had to wait in line to get my boarding pass printed. I got pushed to the front of the line when I had about 20 min. before takeoff and the guy had some issue with finding my boarding pass and then found out the printer was broken (!!!!) so he told me to literally RUN to my gate since it was all the way across the airport and typically about a 15-20 min. walk. (And he warned me that my bags might not make it on my plane.) Meanwhile he emailed my boarding pass to the gate so I could pick it up there. So I sprint through the airport and make it to the desk just as they're starting boarding. The guy there has to call the other one to figure out where my boarding pass is and hands it to me just as they're getting into the final boarding calls. I rush onto the plane before they closed the doors and settled in for a loooooooong flight.

At this point, I have the wicked cold (later found out to be bronchitis), no water bottle (had to throw it out at security), and have just run through a huge airport carrying all my bags. I proceed to have a massive asthma attack and coughed so hard I thought I was going to throw up all through takeoff. I was sucking on cough drops and using my inhaler about 6 times in a 20 min. span of time until we leveled off enough that the stewardess could get me some water. She couldn't give me a bottle so I just kept getting 4 ounce cups over and over again. (I think I had close to 20 cups during the 6 hours?)

Meanwhile, the lovely woman next to me kept glaring at me and loudly sighing everytime I coughed..........THE. ENTIRE. FLIGHT. (Because how dare I want to breathe??!) I swear, by the end of the flight I really just wanted to turn and cough directly on her just to give her more reasons to be mad at me. I just kept using my inhaler over and over again because I couldn't breathe. It was NOT FUN!!

Oh! And we also had a bunch of electrical issues for that flight. First they couldn't get half of the tvs to work (including mine), then turned all the cabin power off to reset it, then couldn't turn the overhead lights OFF, got everything off to reset it again, then couldn't get half of the little reading lights to work (including mine). About 2 hours into the flight they finally straightened everything out and I got to watch The Simpsons movie on the way home (the only highlight of the whole trip home). Luckily, mommy was running late anyways because of traffic so I had time to get my bags (which did arrive!!) before she got there.

Then the longgggg drive home to sleep! Just thankful that I didn't get stuck in London!!! =)