Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today & answering Susie!

I really haven't learned to speak much more Danish than before I came, I actually think I have used LESS than before. I've tried to use my beginner Danish skills to talk with the boys on a few different occasions but they usually just go, "Hvad ("Vell")? What?" and have no idea what I'm talking about anyways. So, I usually just try to act or point things out or let Bettina/Jan/Amalie translate so they can understand.

However, I have gotten a little better at READING Danish than before I came. I can use context clues and stuff, as well as remembering some things Sona taught me to figure out what some words mean.

Of course that didn't help me be very successful today. I'm 1-for-3 on the things I had to get (only made it to the bank)!! I spent 5 straight hours walking around the city today and couldn't find a place that had prepaid cell phones or a way to buy a 30-day transport pass. I DID manage to find the train station by the school though (after 45 min. of looking around the area to find it), so that was a plus. I found a couple nice shops to buy some presents in before I leave and bought a cute little tote bag thing at H&M, but other than that I only bought some food things (couple apples, Mt. Dew!, a cookie, and one of the famous Danish hotdogs).

Which brings me to the highlight of the day.........Danish hotdogs are amazing. I really thought I wouldn't like it because of several things, but here's what it is anyways (in this order):
1. Bun
2. Long, thin bright red "hotdog" (more like sausage than a regular hotdog & yes, DYED bright red usually)
3. Ketchup
4. Spicy mustard
5. Sweet mustard
6. Remoulade (
7. Chopped fresh onion
8. Crispy, fried onions (kinda like french-style onions)
9. Thinly sliced pickles

And of these things, I usually don't like sausages, ketchup (unless with french fries... which I'm craving!!), spicy mustard, mayonnaise (the base of remoulade), or onions of any kind!

However, I decided to try it anyways just so I could know for sure and I ended up really liking it. As long as I took a bite of everything together it tasted really good, I just didn't like it when I had one part separated from the others. But yes, super good and relatively cheap as far as food goes here: about $4.50. YAY!

So yeah, that's my day. I was pretty discouraged when I got home (and would give almost anything to walk into a store and be able to understand everyone and everything inside of it!), but I'm better now. I just need to keep in mind that I've only been here for one week!!! It feels like so much longer than that... I'm really really gonna miss the family when I move and when I eventually go home. =( They've helped me out so much and I don't know what I'll do when I don't have anybody to ask all my stupid questions about how to get things here!

OH YEAH, stupid moment of the day.......I couldn't figure out how to get into the bank this morning. I was wiggling it all around and there were people inside but I couldn't get it to open. Until a little old lady came up and showed me that I have to PUSH the door instead of PULL on it. I was soooooo embarrassed, but just had to laugh at myself with it; she did too! (In my admittedly weak defense, it had a pull-type of handle and when was the last time you walked into a store and had to PUSH the door in?! Apparently, the doors all open inwards in Denmark.) However, it gave me another reason to like 7-11...they have automatic doors! Yay for American stupidity!! ;)

And can we just kill the 80s please? Seriously, I'm so ready to have a mass burning of leggings and flourescent colors. I found ONE shirt that I actually liked today, everything else was ridiculously expensive, 80's, or black. [/end rant]

However, I am highly amused that a ton of kids things (and some adult ones) have a pirate theme! There are skull&crossbones on everything from hats to shirts to bags to shoes; I love it!!! I almost bought a cute black totebag that had a pink skull&crossbones all over it, but I figured that I'm too old to use it on a regular basis in America. Sad. But I bought a polka dotted one instead! YAY.

Okay, really going now. Miss you guys!! It's not so much the actual home thing that I miss though, it's more that I miss being able to talk to my friends and such. This 6 hour time difference really kills a lot of possible times to chat since I'm working or sleeping when they're available and vice versa. Oh wellllll, mom comes in like 10 days! =)

Hej hej!

PS- Susie, I have like 80 pictures but a lot of them are of my kids & I'd have to go black out all their faces (and it'd be boring for you guys anyways). I'll try to get more pictures once I'm actually out doing things & can carry my camera with me. And it starts getting dark here at like 4 and I'm at school til 3:30!! But more will be coming, promise! Anything in particular that you want pics of???

I do take picture requests! I just don't know what you guys want to see!


Anonymous said...

Pirate stuff AND 80's stuff?!?!?! where do i sign up???

sounds like you're having a lot of fun (which i typed as five) and i'm glad you are enjoying it. you're pretty brave doing all that adventuring and escaping the norm... and you just im'd me so talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Pirate stuff AND 80's stuff?!?!?! where do i sign up???

sounds like you're having a lot of fun (which i typed as five) and i'm glad you are enjoying it. you're pretty brave doing all that adventuring and escaping the norm... and you just im'd me so talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

I want some pictures! I wanna see downtown copenhagen, architecture, statues and stuff like that. And you of course!


Sue said...

i agree with adam, pictures that show the essence of copenhagen. things that make it unique. just everyday life, things we might overlook here, but are interesting in a different culture. and dude, the shower deal, take a picture of that ;) haha.



Anonymous said...

Hey Abagail! (Cricket told me about this page and I had to check it out) Sounds like your having fun, and don't worry, you're smart. You'll pick up the language. It sounds like you're having lots of fun adventures. Hope to talk to you somethime in the near future.

Love your cousin Mikaela

Anonymous said...

Oh Denmark has the MCLA disease of putting the pull handles on push doors!! awwww!