Friday, November 2, 2007

Nice day

I spent most of today relaxing and not doing much. I went to a dog park with Bettina around 2pm so Mocca could run around, then we picked up Malthe and his friend, Anna, at school. I tried to "talk" to them a little bit outside of the school about their playground and it was really amusing because I did a combination of English, Danish, and sign language to act it out. Malthe pretty much gave me the look of "you stupid American, why don't you understand me?!" and Anna just looked scared of me. Then, Bettina went to the grocery store and Malthe and Anna came into the bank with me to change my money to Danish Kroner (dkk). (I'll get a picture of it to post later sometime.) That went through without a problem and Malthe was greatly impressed with how much money I had in my hands (about $170)! He's started to act things out with me more though and he's still very cute in general! He also learned what "very nice" means and just kept repeating it to Anna on the way out of school. =)

I found out that I have more things in common with Victor (and he's started interacting with me a little more too)! We both have tendencies to talk and walk in our sleep, as well as having ADHD!!! I had a long, long talk with Jan and his father, Salli, tonight about it and they were quite interested to know all the information I have about it. I guess he's been on Ritalin for the past 6 months or so, which is clearly evident that he's going into the weekend of not taking it. But I love working with ADHD kids, so I think it will be fun "talking" with him more! He was really cute today though. He keeps coming into the room, looking at me, smiling, and then darting out again. (He's actually sitting on the floor next to me right now, petting and kissing Mocca on the head. SO CUTE!!!!)

We didn't end up going to the center of the city tonight because Bettina had plans to go out with her coworkers and Malthe's friend is staying over, but we're hopefully going tomorrow afternoon instead. YAY!

Tonight's dinner was really nice tonight. It was much more relaxed because Jan just treated me like I was a normal person instead of a super special guest, so I got to just watch them interact more. Also, Salli ate with us and spent a lot of the time talking with me in English. The lasagna was different than what I expected, but still really yummy. We also had a nice sidedish of shredded carrots and raisins with lime juice that I absolutely loved! I'll have to remember to make it at home to eat. YUMMMM.

Then the kids went to watch a movie and I chatted for a few hours with Jan and Salli, then another 1.5 with just Salli. They're both very sociable and we laughed a lot at the various stories they could tell about each other and experiences and stuff. Like Salli telling me about how he just met his first "real American" a few months ago (as compared to people who are half-European).... the guy was a History professor from U. of Indiana (I think) and spent the whole time talking about basketball and wanting to eat American-type food. I couldn't stop laughing at the stereotypes. =)

Okay, heading off to bed shortly if my mom doesn't get onto AIM (hint hint). I'll try to get pictures up of the house, room, money, family, whatever up sometime soon. I've got to start remembering to take my camera with me whenever I go out anywhere!!

Love to everybody! Goodnight...

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Sue said...

Glad you had a nice day! So much going on already and only your first day! So glad that you're staying with such great people, very cool :)
Miss you lots!