Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good day!!

The field trip went GREAT!!! Carolyn was a little....stressed, shall we say, and was running around crazy all morning. She got a little bit of a snappish tone with me a few times during the trip about things that weren't completely my fault (i.e. Mairead begging me to lock her classroom door for her while she watched my class for a few minutes at assembly and when one of my kids wandered a few feet away from my group during the trip), but I just tried to remember that she was stressed out about everything anyways (and I definitely wasn't the only one to have one of my students get away from me...we have a class full of wanderers!!!).

It rained and was windy, but the kids didn't complain as much as I thought they would. We left at about 9:20 and got back to school around 2:15, so almost 5 hours of walking around the city! I had a wonderful group of 2 boys and 2 girls. My girls were really, really good; I never had to worry about where they were for my headcounts!! My boys are known to be a bit of a handful, so I had volunteered to take them and actually had a fantastic time with them!! One of them is SO smart but has a lot of problems with self-control and following directions..... exactly one of the kids that I get along with usually. I talked with him several times about what I expected from him behavior-wise and he's basically latched on to me as his new bestest buddy. Morning was a little rough and I kept having to call his name every few minutes to stay with my group and/or stop doing something, but the afternoon he was really great. I'm so proud of him; he really tried hard!

I have tons of pics that I'll try to get up sometime this weekend maybe. Not sure exactly what's going on with everything still.

I wore my Red Sox hat all day because of the rain and it was great!! Several of the parent chaperones are from the States and I had a convo with one girl's dad about the season and USA stuff for quite a while. He was really nice and lent me his umbrella so I could take pictures without worrying about getting my camera wet. Of course, this lead to one of my group's girls asking, "Do you like [other girl]'s dad??!". lol. I was caught completely off-guard and couldn't help but laugh because my first thought was definitely, "He's at least 40+ and most likely married....I don't think so!!!!". However, I just told her that it was inappropriate to ask those kinds of questions (although he was a very nice guy and very kind to me). Still made me laugh though. =) I also got to meet another big Sox fan when I got back to the school! Apparently he's in the military (maybe??) and he stayed up all night during the Series so he could watch the games at like 3am on the military's special channel for American shows, etc. Still representin', even across the ocean! =)

The Fam:
So cute tonight, Malthe and Victor came in and asked me if I wanted to watch Spiderman 3 with them. Of course I couldn't say no, so that's what I spent most of the night doing except for a short break around 9pm when we walked to the gas station to buy some junk food. hehehe. I definitely spent $10 to buy Ben & Jerry's ice cream (strawberry cheesecake flavor)!!! Jan and I split that and he said it was the highlight of his day. YAY!

I'm really very sad that I move tomorrow (well if you want to be technical, today I guess), however I did manage to get a phone today!!! So now I have a way to reach them easily whenever I want to visit and vice versa. Jan and I (and maybe the boys??) are leaving tomorrow/today at about 10am to go to another big flea market and then to the new apartment. Still haven't updated about the new things with that but it's late and I'm sleepy now. So you'll have to wait!

Random-ish ramblings:
Overall things have been going pretty well for me lately. I've been really tired this week in a combo of staying up too late and not being able to sleep very well. However, it is now almost 1:30am and I'm still not headed to bed!! I'm still feeling kinda stuffy from the sinus infection before I left (I don't think the new antibiotics did anything to help really), but otherwise not too bad. Only other thing that's annoying me is that my jaw keeps locking up and I pulled a muscle in my leg yesterday when I slipped going down the few stairs outside the classroom. Stupid Danish rain making them all slippery!! =P

Emotionally I'm pretty good! Things have just been absolutely amazing and it's really exciting to be here!!!! I stopped this afternoon as I was walking to the phone store and just looked around and thought, "OH MY GOSH, I'm really here! After 3 years of planning I am really here in Denmark!!". YAY!

I'm just starting to feel a bit lonely though. It's not so much that I'm homesick as I'm PEOPLEsick. Having this 6 hour time difference means that many of my friends are sleeping when I'm working and then working when I'm home and home when I'm sleeping!! The reason I'm still up now is so I can talk to my mom on AIM for the first time in about a week because she's so busy running basketball. Thankfully, Susie is great and willing to go online at work sometimes instead of being productive (wink wink) when I send a message to her phone begging her to! It's just getting lonely to only be having smalltalk/superficial-type conversations with the people that I've met here so far and having to think about everything I say before it comes out of my mouth, so I don't offend anybody or come off sounding badly. They don't have my sense of humor and it's frustrating.

So yeah, I miss people, that's all.


Anonymous said...

dude, speedbandits is such a great idea!! i wonder if we can get that implemented in troy(with danish girls preferably :-P)!

Susan said...

Hehehe you're too cute. I'm aaaaalways here when you need to not think before you speak and complain about things! :)
Good to talk to you tonight!
Hope you sleep well with YOUR FAN! hehe.

Anonymous said...

ROFL! So funny. Asked if you like the other girls dad! XDDDDD

Anonymous said...

Yeah well your peeps miss you too =)

You'll be home soon enough and Mommy will be there in no time so no worries =)