Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Everything went smoothly walking Malthe to school this morning since Bettina had given him the rundown on what he needed to remember to do. So, he was already awake and had eaten by the time I went to wake him up at 8am. He just had to get dressed and brush his teeth, then got to watch tv until we left at 8:30 for school. It usually takes me about 12ish minutes to get to my school, which is just a couple hundred feet up the street from his school, but he has little legs and it took us about 20. =)

He was very serious about the walking to school thing and told me every turn we have to make, etc. (I don't think he realizes that I walk the same route as he does every day!) They usually cross the street farther up than I'm used to though, so I almost missed that there was a light to cross. He immediately points at the light and says, "Abby? Red, no. Green, yes!" *** He really is a very smart kid and has gained a lot of English in just this past week I've been here.

I'm currently doing laundry and then heading out to the bank, cell phone place, and probably some general shopping. Nothing opens here until 9:30am at the earliest and most places at 10am, so I figured that I might as well do laundry since I had to wait after bringing Malthe to school.

  • *** Nobody jay walks here. Ever. It's so weird to see all these people following the rules all the time!! =)

  • I don't think I've mentioned this yet: commas = periods in Danish sometimes. I don't quite understand when each one is used, but I know that it's true in writing prices. So, prices look like this: 37,00 dkk. And then you add in this: 1.789,00 dkk and I get all confused!! But periods are still used at the end of sentences though. Interesting, eh?

  • They have a lot of 7-11 stores here. I was very excited this morning to find Mountain Dew there!! I've only seen Coke products around Denmark, so yay for finding Pepsi! I also had a boy notice my Red Sox hat and point it out to his friend in there, which I found really amusing. I just smiled at them and hoped they knew about the Sox. =)



Sue said...

That's so cute about Malthe and crossing the street :) hehe.

So so so, the money writing thing more, I don't really get it either :)
1.789,00 - is that one thousand, 7 hundred and 89 dkk and 0 cents or whatever?


I might sign on AIM at work in case you're on :) it's almost 4 your time now! gah! :)

Sue said...

only 4 more pictures?! get a move on taking more, lady!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The comma and period thing is actually a general European practice. No idea why there's no universal setup for it either. If i remember right, i think australia used the comma thing too. If you look around, they do dates bass ackwards too :)

yay for seven elevens!