Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Darn snotty-nosed children.........

After about 4.5 days of being healthy I've got something new now. AAARGH!!! I'm so sick of being sick!!!!! Why are little kids always passing their germs off on me? GRRR.

My day in a nutshell:
7:30am Left the apartment & hopped on the bus

7:55 Switched over to the train

8:05 Got off the train 2 stops early so I could take pictures of the sunrise over the harbor (I'll get pics up later sometime, BEAUTIFUL).

8:25 Arrive at school with a headache

10ish Slight nausea sets in

11ish Send a student home because he threw up in the bathroom

1:20 The kids brochures are officially laminated, trimmed, folded, and ready for open house tomorrow! A full 24 hours ahead of time! =)

1:30 "Bond" with Carolyn about Grey's Anatomy

1:45-3 Assorted craziness and lessons, but I did manage to teach the kids how to do a math problem that Carolyn couldn't get them to understand. Even the German-speaking kids understood it!! Yay me.

3:15 Hung out with Faye while she finished leaving notes to the teacher she subbed for; sore throat starts

4ish Got on the train that Faye usually takes home, figuring I'll be able to find my way home eventually

4:15 Off the train at a stop that I thought I could easily switch over to the other train I needed.....I was wrong and got on my normal bus instead (5A)

5:15 Arrive home after doing a combo of bus, metro, and walking for an hour

6ish Dinner & sore throat/nausea intensify

11pm Throat is killing me, burning up (3rd time I've had a fever while I'm here and I almost NEVER get fevers!!!!), and wanting throw up.

And people ask me why I would rather teach middle schoolers!!!!

Crashing on the couch with my bucket and some tea, I absolutely CANNOT miss school tomorrow!! I'll bring my bucket if I have to! I'd kill for a popsicle right now but A) all stores are closed and B) there isn't a freezer here so I'd have to buy just one or eat an entire box right now.

Is it January yet???

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