Thursday, November 8, 2007

Almost Friday!

Lonnnng day at school today. It's so frustrating to have to tell the kids a dozen times to do something before they actually listen!!!! Especially when they look at you, then continue to do whatever they want without even pausing. GRRRRRRRRR.

Tomorrow we're going on a big walking field trip to the center of Copenhagen as part of their unit on cities. Leaving at about 9:30am and won't be back until about 2:30!! I'm sure there will be lots of whining about being tired, etc. but I'm looking forward to getting to see more of the buildings and statues and stuff. It'll also introduce me to taking the train at the station closest to the school, yay! And I'll get to take lots of pictures (since Carolyn's camera is being stupid and she's not exactly technology-savvy...), so I'll try and get those up tomorrow afternoon/evening before I move Sat.

Family is still great and the boys are making me laugh all the time. Between yesterday and today, Victor has suddenly started speaking a ton in English! He is actually taking his own initiative to talk in English around me, instead of having his parents suggest it. Malthe has also picked up a lot of new words!

I watched 2 movies with the boys today: the second Pirates of the Carribean (in English, with Danish subtitles) and just watched the new Jungle Book (in Danish, with English subtitles). And then Jan started having sword fights with the big rubber swords they own, and I jumped in and definitely beat both of the boys. Lots of giggling and running around just before bedtime is good, right??? Well, I had fun at least!

  • Malthe looks exactly like Mowgli, facial expressions and all. Not even kidding!
  • Carolyn (teacher I work with) sounds exactly like a combination between Maria from the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, especially when she's annoyed that the kids aren't listening.
  • Roselle is arriving in Denmark sometime tomorrow morning (I'm guessing she's leaving very soon, if she's not already in the air).
  • I'm exhausted but haven't been able to sleep very well lately. I need a fan!!
  • Peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches are faaaantastic! Yes, unhealthy but soooo good.
  • Jan has helped build some amazing houses/buildings; I am very impressed.
  • I really really REALLY hate loading other people's dishwashers. I don't mind unloading, I just hate trying to follow somebody else's system for loading!
  • I had a really long, really good conversation with Carolyn at lunch today. She's worried that I won't meet anybody [at school/in the area] to hang out with while I'm here because she's older (like 40s, I think). So she's thinking about having me help out in a couple other classrooms, just so I can meet people. lol. I like her.


  1. About the pictures, I black out the faces on the kids because I don't have parental permission to be posting their faces online. Just confidentiality stuff, ya know? Also, the reason why I won't use any of my kids' names when talking about the class. Just smarter that way. =)
  2. I'm not sure when I will be online next, but probably will make it on at least once more before I move. I'm assuming I'll be able to get online at Marie & Casey's apartment but I haven't actually verified that yet. I'll probably just wait until I get there because I know they're both super busy right now!

Okay, bedtime. Or at least going upstairs to get things ready for tomorrow and stuff! =)

(PS- Hi, Mikaela! It's nice to hear from you... it's been a long time since I saw you last. How is school and everything?)


Anonymous said...

Heh, isn't every school day long? lol. Poor you. Don't let those kids walk all over you! Assert your authority! Or at least . . . watch lots of danish movies with english subtitles after to relax! =) Carolyn sounds really nice! I think you'll get along, knowing you. And those sandwiches sound yummy. Wish I had some. Look at it this way, they're better than eating lots of milk chocolate! :) As far as school goes, I can't complain, well . . . I could, but just to lazy. I took up french I and I really like it and band is lots of fun, but physical science is the most boring thing I've ever taken up and I'll be glad when it's over! So anyway, have fun and when it gets to kids who don't listen, grin and bare it. Miss you and talk to you soon
Love Mikaela. ♥

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're having fun. You don't sound as stressed as I thought you would be (foreign country and all).

So your teacher basically sounds like Julie Andrews =)

What new Tarzan movie!?! Is it cartoon or live action. If it's live action I must go find it =)


Abby goes to Denmark! said...

<3 you guys!