Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'm at the airport!!! =)

Thankfully, I decided to pay for internet and checked my email to find out that Bettina emailed me this morning to ask what my flight number & arrival time are.... AHHHH!! I sent her a quick email back, so hopefully everything will go smoothly when I get to Copenhagen tomorrow morning!

So now I'm just sitting here killing my battery & watching people walking around the international terminal. So far I've heard what I believe to be French, Polish, and German. I also had nuns sitting near me for a little while, which greatly amused me because they were all dressed in matching khaki jumpers, white shirts, and black jackets.

I'm so excited that everything's finally happening though! I can't wait to meet everybody I've been emailing back and forth with for the past several months. I'm a little nervous, but more about entertaining myself for the whole trip than about how things are going to go when I get there. I have 4 magazines though and some in-flight movies to watch, so hopefully that will work out well too. =)

Well, I'm going to go walk around a bit and get ready to spend 6.5 hours on a plane! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!

Getting down to the wire!!

Well, in true Abby fashion, I leave in less than 24 hours and still have empty suitcases on my bed! =) I spent all yesterday and today running around to get things done, so the packing has had to wait until now.

However the good news......

I officially have a boarding pass! IN MY HAND! This is actually happening!!!

I'm so excited!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane!

Hello everybody!

I created this blog so people can follow along on my trip to Denmark (and not be upset that I'm really bad at staying in touch through emails). =) I will be pretty busy teaching, experiencing the country, etc. but I'll have my laptop with me and can hopefully keep people up-to-date on what I'm doing.

Anyways, here are the details for as much as I know:

  • The Flight There
---I leave from Boston on Oct. 31st at 7:05pm. I will arrive in London/Heathrow at about 5:20am local time(6 hour & 15 min. flight). Flight #212, can be tracked here:

---I have 1.5 hour layover there before leaving at 6:55am to Copenhagen Airport. Just shy of 3 hours and I land in Copenhagen on Nov. 1st at 9:50am local time. (About 3:50am our time....they're 6 hours ahead of us.)

  • Accomodations

---I will be picked up at the airport by the people I will be staying with at the beginning of my trip. They are friends of a friend of my professor (Roselle) and I'm not exactly sure who is going to meet me or where. I'll be staying with Bettina (a nurse), her husband Jan (an architect), daughter Amalie (almost 17), son Victor (12), and son Malthe (7) for the first ten days that I am in the country. I've emailed back and forth with Bettina and I am so excited to meet the whole family!! They're very excited to show me around the city, so that's really cool too! =)

---Around Nov. 10th, I will be moving to a different part of the city with a lovely married couple, Marie and Casey, who I found through Marie is a journalist and met Casey while she was an exchange student at U. of Tennessee several years ago. Casey is an American musician and I've already fallen in love with the music he has posted on his myspace page (! They have graciously offered me a room in their home for most of my stay, including about 3 weeks that they will be in the U.S. visiting Casey's family!!!! Yes, folks, you read that correctly... they will be out of the country and are leaving me to watch their house while they are gone. I am truly overwhelmed by their amazing generosity!!

  • The School

---I will be working with a 3rd grade teacher named Carolyn at the Copenhagen International School. I haven't had much luck finding out specific information about what she teaches, etc. but I do know that all subjects are taught in English! =)

  • The Flight Home

---I will be leaving Copenhagen (CPH) on December 6th at 1:20pm (=6:20am MA time). I will arrive at London/Heathrow at 2:25pm (little over 3 hours).

---1 hour, 40 min. layover and leave at 4:05pm (=11:05am MA time) to Boston. I land at 6:40pm our time on Dec. 6th (7 hours, 35 min.).

Please feel free to leave comments on my posts! It will be nice to have contact with people from home while I am away. Love you all!