Friday, November 23, 2007

All aloneeee

Took mom off to the airport a few hours ago after a crazy morning of cleaning and packing things up for her to take home for me. =) Then we went to a nearby bakery to buy some pastries to carry home and off to Amagerbro Station to catch the Metro (subway). I over-questioned my abilities to get on the right train, so we ended up going back and forth between a few stations until a nice woman showed us exactly which one and which way we had to be going. Oops! (And I'd been so proud of myself for getting to and from the airport to pick her up last week!)

So we got into the airport, checked her in, grabbed another nice woman to take our picture and she was off to home. =(

After leaving the airport, I went shopping and bought a cute basket to put Marie & Casey's mail in & a few presents for people. =) I also bought a few grocery things and hit the bakery on my way home to get a few pastries to last me the weekend. YAAAAY!

Although I just had to post that as of 1:35pm (mom's plane took off at 1:20pm), the sun came out for the first time in the last week!! Mom complained all week about how there wasn't any sun and it comes out just after she leaves. hehehehe. Oh well, we had a fantastic week anyways!!

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Sue said...

Glad you got to spend a great week with your mom! Hopefully that will keep you from being too homesick for the rest of your stay (not that long! yikes!)
Miss you lots and glad you're having such a great time! Happy Thanksgiving!!
-Did you have to tell them about American Thanksgiving?? If so how did it go?