Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting so close.....

Today was my last day at school and it was great. My kids were really sweet and they made "surprise" cards for me and had a mini party at the end of the day to say goodbye. A few of the kids gave me presents too. I got a cute ornament (from my little North Carolina buddy), a tupperware thing & tea (from the daughter of the guy who is the head of everything tupperware in all of Europe!), a towel that has drawings of all the 3rd graders on it that's being sold as part of their fundraising (from the whole class), and Carolyn gave me a really cute candle holder that looks like a crown.

I finished making videos of all the students introducing themselves in English and another language that they can speak, so now I have videos of my kids speaking in Danish, German, Japanese, Latvian, Estonian, and Norwegian. =) Unfortunately I can't post any of the videos on here because of the whole privacy aspect, but I've got them all on my computer if anybody wants to see them in person! (They're waaaay cute!!) The kids also finished writing penpal letters back to my MA students. The letters are really nice and I know my MA kids are going to be really excited about it!!! =)

It's very sad that I won't get to see them again, but I am very excited to go back to MA and show all of the cool things to my students there.

After school I came home and talked with Casey and Marie for a little bit, since they just returned from their USA trip this afternoon. Then I headed out to meet up with Carolyn for dinner at 6pm (and gave her a big jug of syrup as a thank you for all her help).

She was very nice and paid for our yummy dinners and desserts at 2 separate cafes. I got to have more aebleskivers (sort of like pancakes in ball-shapes) and finally tried glogg!! (Glogg is a very traditional/popular winter drink of heated, spiced red wine with raisins and nuts in it.) I wasn't sure that I would like it, since I don't like wine, but it was actually pretty good. So I'm 2 for 3 on the extremely popular Danish foods/drinks!! (Like glogg and Danish hotdogs, dislike Carlsons/Tuborg beer.)

I got back to the apartment about 10:30 and Casey & Marie are fast asleep. I've got tomorrow to do the last bits of sightseeing and shopping, as well as getting all of my things packed up before going to dinner at the family's house around 5ish. Then I head home on Thursday!!!! I'm excited but starting to get really sad too; I'm going to miss all of the kids and people that I met and just the experience overall!! This has been amazing and I wish I had been able to do more things in the time I was here.

Who's up for a return trip with me in the future??? =)


Sue said...

You already know I'm in for a trip! :) I'm sad that you're almost done! But I'm glad that you will appreciate being home and it's not like you don't want to come back at all :) I can't wait to hang out and hear more stories of your time there!
I'm so glad you finally got to do all of this! :) You're a brave cookie!
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

i'm totally down for a trip! let me know when! :-P


Helene said...